How do we work?
You either call or text
At 804-291-7233 for English and Spanish (mainline).
Por favor llama o envia texto al 804-291-7233 para servicio en Español 

What happens next?
We schedule a visit or we visit you.

PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT THE CAR HAVE THE WARNING SIGN, RED OR ORANGE TRIANGLE ON DASHBOARD OR CHECK HYBRID SYSTEM MESSAGE. This is necessary to perform a proper diagnosis, WITHOUT this alert, warning message we will not perform any diagnosis.

To keep our prices low, we currently only have a Battery laboratory office based in McLean, VA. Therefore we can only check customer’s car by appointment only. As we do not need a shop, because we only work on High Voltage (HV) battery, we remove and install HV Battery in our parking lot, or your house when we visit you.

…Then what?
We check your car with our hybrid system scanner specific for Toyota.
Our goal is to Confirm the problem is just the HV Battery
Sometimes some others DTC codes are not present until your battery is fixed because HV Battery codes are super codes that precede any other important codes presents on your car.

Some term to know before proceeding to explain our job:

Module: On Camry HV battery there are 34 single modules (think of a 34 mini batteries); Prius 01-03 has 38 modules, and Prius 04-09 had 28 modules.
Block: one block is a section of 2 modules.
Capacity: this is how much energy a single module is able to store. The very important concept, since a low capacity module is considered a “sick module”.
Rebalance: is a complicated process in which we try to put all modules on an equal level of capacity. At the same time, this is how we measure the capacity of each module. This process takes the computer approximately 24-48 hours to conclude
(Our website background picture shows an image of a rebalance sheet, each row numbers take 12-18 hours to finish).

Rebalance is the most important step because is what keep all modules working together as one big battery. When a module is out of balance, works more, cannot keep up with his peer, overheat and die.

*Explanation Example 1: Imagine 28 horses pulling a truck, and 1 of them break one leg, this sick horse cannot keep up with his peers. Will work more, will be an overload to healthy horses, eventually will die but not without taking some juice out of the healthy one. We will remove the sick horse, then rebalance the healthy horses by, feeding the healthy ones and bring them to good shape with exercise…. This is the easy scenario! 50% batteries behave this way.

*Explanation Example 2: imagine same 28 horses pulling a truck, and 1 or 2 horses had a cardiac infarct. How do we find this sick horse (s)? We will need to perform a deeper test, (measure capacity to work) on each one to find how well are they performing. Our job is to find the sick ones, remove them, replace them with healthy ones, exercise all of the healthy horses and put them all in the same shape…. This is a complicated scenario! 50% of batteries are like that.

Ok… now, we confirm your problem is the H.V Battery, what is our standard to fix your battery? What do we do with your battery?

This is a very important question since most of the local HV battery rebuilder only swap modules, they replace bad modules with good ones without performing a rebalance of the battery. This practice is very dangerous since your battery is at risk of being destroyed for overheating due to balance loss on all the modules inside the battery.

How do we fix them?
We have been in business since 2013, we have fixed a lot of batteries in Virginia, Maryland, District of Columbia (DC) and Puerto Rico.
We know what a true rebuilds mean, we are constantly improving our rebuild process techniques to get the best possible repair to your battery.

How long will take to fix your HV Battery?

This is based on workload, on average it takes us 7-10 days. But we offer a loaner battery service (check our loaner battery service on price section to be on the road same day). 

When you send us your battery from out of state it takes 15-25 days the turn around plus shipping time, because we run several tests and try the battery locally before we send it back.

 All rebuild service options include:

-Removal and installation of the battery. 
-Refinish of the bus bar
-Replace bus bar when need it
-Recharging of all modules
-Rebalancing of good modules (bring capacity to optimum state)
-Removal of bad modules (4-6 modules included in service depending on the battery, $50 each thereafter)
-Cleanup of complete battery components
-Anti-corrosion treatment (special formula developed by us).

Call-Text: +1(804)-291-7233 or 787-923-3833

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