Our prices are based on the warranty service you may select:

You can decide what choice you prefer when we have your battery back and ready! All choices are the same job to us, the only difference is the warranty that goes with it. We take pride in our job, and we stay behind our brand “Dr.Prius”. The only exception will be to a deluxe battery rebuild that only 12 months warranty will be offered.

Options and prices for TOYOTA PRIUS, PRIUS C , PRIUS V  2004-2019 AND LEXUS CT200H   High Voltage Battery Rebuilt (4 modules replacement included):

$450 with 6 months warranty 
$550 for 9 months warranty 
$600 with 12 months warranty 

Options and prices for Toyota Prius 2001-2003   High Voltage Battery Rebuilt:

*No longer supported

Since February 2017 we are no longer given any High Voltage battery service to Prius 1st generation due to the age of batteries and the almost impossible mission to find good reliable modules for fixing.

Options and prices for  All years of Toyota Camry Hybrid High Voltage Battery Rebuilt (6 modules replacement included):

$550 with 6 months warranty 
$700 for 9 months warranty 
$800 with 12 months warranty 

Options and prices for  All years of Lexus Hybrid  GS450H, HS250H, ES300H, GMC, CHEVROLET HYBRID High Voltage Battery Rebuilt (8 modules replacement included):

$975 with 6 months warranty 
$1150 for 9 months warranty 
$1250 with a year warranty


                                         *For dealers vehicles or if you sell the car:
Dealer Matching warranty:

If you are a dealer and sell cars with 1 to 6 MONTHS warranty. We will match your warranty if needed for up to 6 MONTHS after sale for the basic price. Sale of the car must be done during the next 2 months after rebuild and will extend for your warranty period given to your customer. The new owner of the car can buy an extended warranty by contacting us with the order number before the current battery warranty expires. 

                                                        ***For commercial vehicle:

We appreciate your understanding, but as commercial vehicle do not get the same treatment and use when compared to private use cars, WE CANNOT provide you with more than 9 MONTHS WARRANTY OR 12000 MILES warranty on COMMERCIAL VEHICLES
Commercial vehicle definition and not limited too: Taxi, lift, uber, delivery services and not commonly used cars. 

                   ​Options and prices for  complete battery replacement

-Require your running core (No customer removed battery accepted for full battery replacement)

-All option and models Include a Full Cover 12 Months Warranty and unlimited miles for commercial and private cars:

2004-2009 Toyota Prius  $850  
2010-2015 Toyota Prius
2007-2011 Toyota Camry
2012-2019 Toyota Camry
All years Nissan Altima Hybrid with Toyota Technology
All years: Lexus GS450H, CT200H, HS250H, ES300H, GMC, CHEVROLET HYBRID  

All other brands with Toyota hybrid technology, call for pricing.


Depending on your address/location visit charge range from $50-120 fee may apply
Drive your car while we fix your battery with ourloaner battery service!!!!

-Loaner battery service $75-120 click here for details.

Any treatment discount after Battery warranty expired?

After your warranty expires if your battery needs another rebuild, we will honor original customer with 10-15% OFF discount of original payment (Up to a maximum of $50 discount)

 All services include:

-Free lifetime diagnosis if you bring the car to us (save $130 compared to the dealer)
-After warranty expired a 10-15% OFF discount applies to the original owner  (Up to a maximum of $50 discount).

Any fee for going to your place?

A delivery fee applies when we visit you. Price is based on time to get to your place and/or distance. Bring the car to us and diagnosis its FREE. Or you’ll pay for the diagnosis/visit trip $50-250 depending on location up to 300 miles from zip code 22102 OR 22553

 Are the prices a flat fee or is there any hidden fee?

No there is no hidden fee. However, 90% of the time we can rebuild your HV battery for the listed price, but sometimes your battery will have more than the average bad modules (1-4 for Prius, and 1-6 Camry and 1-8 on Lexus). When this happens, we will let you know how many more modules are required and will be charged an extra $50 per extra module needed.

Method of Payment

-All options are a cash-based price
Add 8.7 % to the total when PayPal, Credit Card or business check is used.
-Please accept our apologies, but we don’t accept personal checks.

 Any discount available?

Our quality service, rebuild process is potentially the best on the local market and our prices are already the most affordable solution.
We currently offer different prices based on warranty to adjust to almost any pocket size, please check our table of prices above. 

Any discount available for dealers or mechanic shop?

Yes, there is dealer/shop 10% discount price available on HV battery rebuild service, however, this discount will be available only after the second job when done in less than 4 months period. A dealer is considered a business who give us a job at least every 4 months or 3 times a year.

Warranty paper/receipt will be provided after full payment is received.

If you have any question do not hesitate in contacting us at any time.

Thank you for trusting in Dr Prius. 

Dr. Ulises Garcia S.
Owner and Manager

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