At Dr. Prius we are focused on Toyota Hybrid technology that use Nickel-metal hydride batteries. We are not trying to be one of those gurus that say that are good on all hybrid system. Hybrid system are very complex between models and brands, therefore pretending to know all the engineer behind each other automotive brand (Honda, Chevrolet, ford, etc.), it’s comparable to a physician working on all the specialties (cardiologist, neurosurgeon, pediatrics). You won’t go to a neurosurgeon seeking for a heart treatment, you will want a cardiologist to look at your heart… in this way we are the specialist on Toyota hybrid Technology.

Our philosophy is that we need to be excellent on one automotive brand technology. It is not rare to see a Mercedes-Benz specialist or BMW specialist. Did you ever ask yourself why they don’t work on all brand and models of cars? -Because one brand provide plenty of technology on the table and lot of crucial commitments to work on it. We have adopted that same principle and that’s why at Dr. Prius we work only on Toyota Hybrid system technology.

We do not perform the regular mechanics; we left belts, water pumps, transmission change, inner/outer rod end, etc. to your regular mechanics. We work on your hybrid system and electrical system. We diagnose and let your mechanics know what they need to do to fix it.

Our service is based in HONESTY and DO YOUR BEST ALWAYS!

What Hybrid car brand and models do we work?

  • Toyota Prius from 2004 to 2016 
  • Toyota Camry Hybrid 2007-2017
  • Toyota Avalon Hybrid 2013-2016
  • Lexus GS450H, CT200H, HS250H, ES300H 
  • Nissan Altima Hybrid 2007-2011 because use the same technology as Toyota Camry Hybrid.
  • Escalade hybrid 2009-2016
  • ​Chevrolet Tahoe Hybrid 2007-2017

How does the service works?

1-You call or text at
804-291-7233 to schedule an appointment

2-We'll go to your place or you come to us.

3-We'll do the diagnosis with Toyota Hybrid Software Scanner (same as the Toyota dealer).

4-Bring the car to us and diagnosis its FREE. Or you’ll pay for the
  diagnosis/visit trip ($50-120 depending on location up to 75 miles)...DO NOT HESITATE on contacting us, we can work on an affordable solution for your needs....THE TRUTH is just give me a call or text and we work it out with the diagnosis, location and price... no distance is too far, and no distance is to short!

5-If your problem is the Hybrid battery I will tell you how many modules could be damaged.

6-Up to 4 bad modules included in the service for Prius and 6 modules for Camry, Avalon, Altima, Chevy hybrids (average battery have 2-3 bad modules). 

7-I'll remove the battery at your place or you can bring the car to our battery laboratory.

8-I'll take the battery with me to change the battery bad modules and perform a professional rebalance of all the good modules with a computerized charger & rebalancer. This process will take on average 3-4 days, depending on HV battery condition.

A loaner (for rent) HV battery is available for extra fee, if you need to use the car during the fixing time of your battery… better than renting a car!

10-Then you come to us, or I will come back to you to install, test and certify that your traction battery will be good to go. 

11-Enjoy your car with UNLIMITED MILES WARRANTY on the modules provided by us on any private use car. For Taxi, Uber, Lift and other commercial delivery cars, warranty is limited to 6 month unlimited miles.

Why our Warranty is better than Toyota dealer? Did you know that Toyota dealer warranty (when they replace/fix your HV battery) is good for only 12k miles or 1 year. Why? Perhaps because they install a refurbished battery, that’s why they give you only 1 year/12k miles warranty, instead of 7 years/100,000 miles like when the car is new.
1-NOTE: If by any chance your battery fails after the warranty expires, I will always do a new job for 10-20% OFF for any returning service.



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Call-Text: +1(804)-291-7233 or 787-923-3833

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