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What type of warranty do you want?

We currently offer 2 types of warranty:

Regular Warranty: when we rebuild your battery

Full Cover Warranty: When we replace your complete battery

What is covered by
Full Cover Warranty?

Full Cover Warranty is given when you buy a complete H.V battery pack from us (Complete battery replacement). As the name stand, it covers EVERYTHING that is inside the H.Vbattery housing (modules, computer, sensor, relays, voltage regulator, etc).  

Everything is covered for one year, no matter if the car is Commercial or private.

This is our platinum service!

What is  covered by our  Regular warranty?

-Bus bar replacement when need it
-Bus bar refinish
-Loaner battery service (if available for your model it will be included, also loaner
policy apply)
-From our eBay store or internet sale, we cover any shipping back to you one time with warranty --------- -Warranty can be transferred to the new owner if you sell the car.
-Any module that was replaced by us

 What is  Not covered by our Regular warranty?

-Any original faulty module that was not replaced on first rebuild (we sell them and install them for $50 each)
-Battery relays unless they had been replaced by us.
-Battery computer unless had been replaced by us.
-If more than 90 days had passed since your rebuild, the driving distance when it is more than 15 miles (or 20 minutes) from our location, will not be covered

How will I use the warranty....

-Keep in mind that your rebuilt battery is not new, and the more mileage that they have, they are more predisposed to fail. These circumstances are more common in commercial vehicles (taxi, uber, lift).

When my battery fails, what you should I do?

-You need to contact us by call or text at 804-291-7233
-You will need to give us the ORIGINAL WARRANTY PAPER RECEIPT or
EMAIL OF WARRANTY REGISTRATION at the time of appointment
-We will schedule an appointment as soon as possible (normally in the next 1-3 days), however, this can be done in up to 14 working days for long distance customer.

What circumstances will Void HV Battery Warranty?

-Any attempt to open the battery
-Removal of HV battery
-If you lose or misplace the Warranty paper receipt (keep it in a safe place)
-Dirt or clogged HV battery ventilation cooling system
-Weak or bad 12v auxiliary battery (we recommend to change it every 4-5 years without exception)
-We reserve the right to void any warranty to any customer with demanding or aggressive behavior attitude.
-We may or may not perform a partial refund when the warranty is voided (If a refund is issued and more than 45 days has passed, we will keep the minimum of fee service for your car).                                                            -Broken or tampered warranty seal 

If I'm a Dealer or I sell the car (Private sell) does the warranty goes with it?

For dealers vehicles or if you sell the car:
Dealer Matching warranty:

If you are a dealer and sell cars with 30, 45, 90 days warranty. We will match your warranty if needed for up to 90 days after sale for the basic price. Sale of the car must be done during the next 2 months after rebuild and will extend for your warranty period given to your customer. The new owner of the car can buy an extended warranty by contacting us with the order number before the current battery warranty expires. 

Private Sell: Because we don't know what use the car will get with the new owner, we limit any remaining time of the original warranty to the new owner to 45 days starting on the day of the registration once the car has been sold. This is because the Car may be bought to be used for commercial purposes, therefore if you sell the car, warranty will expired in 45 days once the car is registered to the new owner.

What happens if my battery cannot be rebuilt for 2nd or 3rd time?

Indeed this problem is fairly common on high mileage car and/or batteries; therefore at Doctor Prius, we want you to get the most for your money. That's why will credit the last rebuild payment towards the purchase of new battery with us.

We will give you this credit by pairing the time of your warranty time. For example, We rebuild your battery for 2nd or 3rd time, then your battery run out of juice. You got 3 months warranty, we will give you this credit during your warranty period, plus extra 3 months (3-3, 6-6, 9-9, 12-12)… your money is well invested